Welcome home! Living in the apartments of Inarin Vuokra-asunnot is safe and services are near. In order to make the life our our residents as pleasant as possible, we have collected here useful instructions and information. These instructions apply to all the apartments we rent. Possible building specific instructions are provided to tenants when the rental contract is being drawn up.  

Service advice guide

Inarin Kiinteistöt Oy is responsible for the maintenance of the residential real estates we rent. You can leave a service advice note via phone or electric service advice system.

Explore service advice guide (PDF)

Make a service advice note

Code of conduct

In order to guarantee the safety and comfort of our residents, we have created the code of conduct, which every resident must follow. If a resident breaks the rules, they can be given a warning and the rental contract can be terminated by the landlord if there are legal grounds for termination.

Explore code of conduct (PDF)

Fire alarm guide

According to the Rescue act every apartment must have a fire alarm. Every floor in the apartment must have at least one fire alarm per every starting 60 m².

Explore fire alarm guide (PDF)

Apartment specific ventilation

Buildings, that have apartment specific ventilation, the residents themselves have a chance to have an impact on the efficiency of the ventilation. Adjustments can be made according to the situation by utilizing the ventilation controller.

Explore ventilation guide (PDF)

Constructing a pet enclosure

Building a pet enclosure requires the permission of the landlord.

Check pet enclosure guidance (PDF)

Nuisance complaints

You can notify us of substantial nuisance with a written form. Your information won’t be disclosed to the person who cause the nuisance. We need your contact details for possibly asking additional details of the incident.

If the nuisance is excessive, the matter should be reported to the police. If the nuisance still keeps happening and disturbs your way of living, a written complaint must be done.

Print nuisance form (PDF)