Moving out

Notice of termination

The rental apartment can be terminated with a printed termination form.  Notice of termination can be submitted in hard copy to the office of Inarin Vuokra-asunnot Oy or scanned to the address The notice period is one full calendar month from the receipt of the notice of termination.

Print notice of termination (PDF)

Electricity contract

Be sure to terminate your electricity contract. Please note that the electricity contract must be valid until the end of the lease.

Moving notice

Make a statutory move to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and change of address to the required locations.

Cleaning at the end of the tenancy guide

When moving out of the apartment, the resident must clean the apartment thoroughly so that the next person moving in will have a pleasurable experience arriving to the new home. After moving out, there will be an examination, where the condition and cleanliness of the apartment is examined. Normal wear and tear will be taken into account, but keep in mind that there is a difference between worn surface and dirty surface.

Explore cleaning guide (PDF)

Return the keys

The keys must be returned to our office (Kaamostie 6) no later than 12 noon on the working day following the end of the lease. The keys can also be left in an envelope in the mailbox of our office, be sure to write the address of the apartment for information. If the keys are not returned, the locks will be rekeyd and billed to the outgoing resident.

Preliminary inspection and fitness check

A preliminary inspection of the apartment is done about a week after receiving termination of the lease. Purpose of the inspection is to assess the condition of the apartment and possible renovation needs. The occupant isn’t required to be present. Our inspector will contact you by phone to arrange when the inspection takes place.  

The landlord carries out a condition inspection of the apartment at the end of the lease. If the condition inspection shows signs of incomplete cleaning or damage caused by a resident, a rental guarantee may be used to repair them, or they may be invoiced if the guarantee has not been paid due to an older lease. If the tenant wishes to be involved in the inspection, this must be agreed in advance.

Security deposit refund

The security deposit will be returned to the account specified by the tenant within approximately one month of the end of the lease. When processing the security deposit, it is checked that all payment obligations have been met, all keys have been returned, the apartment has been well cleaned and the condition inspection has not revealed any repair needs billed to the resident.